Stephanie Wright

Tibetan massage

Tibetan massage is used as an integral part of Tibetan Dur Bon Medicine to treat an array of chronic or acute conditions, physical ailments and stress related conditions.

The powerful healing abilities are beneficial to all ages; from birth to the most advanced years. All can benefit from the specific techniques used in Tibetan Dur Bon massage.

Benefits of Tibetan Massage include:

  • Relaxation
  • It can help reduce Stress
  • It can help improve poor Posture
  • It eases Muscle pain
  • It can help improve Sleep quality
  • It can help strengthen the Body’s Immune System
  • It can help improve Circulation
  • It relieves tension Headaches
  • It can help ease some Menopause symptoms

Specially prepared topical medicines, oils, fats, waters and powders are sometimes used in conjunction with the massage to improve healing of the physical body and inner being. Working with your physical body can stimulate your emotional body to balance and allow inner healing to begin.

Sometimes in life we need a healing touch to help us feel relaxed, clear minded and connected.

  Duration Cost
Tibetan Massage 1 hour $85.00