Stephanie Wright

Tibetan Dur Bon Medicine

Tibetan Dur Bon Medicine is an ancient traditional medical system with its roots in central Asia and Siberia before it became established across Prebuddhist Tibet.

Medicine can be described as a science, art and craft of understanding suffering, its causes and remedies. Tibetan Dur Bon Medicine is a natural, holistic approach that addresses the body, mind and spirit in an integrated way. Restoring health and balance through understanding the underlying cause and effect is key to the Tibetan Dur Bon Medicine approach. Prevention of illness, learning to live well and maintaining wellbeing are just as important. Rest, diet and corrective exercises are part of the healing module.

Traditional pulse diagnosis is used to diagnose and monitor imbalances and their responses to treatment.

Tibetan Dur Bon Acupuncture

There are many different acupuncture systems throughout Asia and very recently the Western world. Tibetan Dur Bon Acupuncture is a system originating from the ancient medical knowledge. The energy points, channels and needling techniques used are specific to this system. Alongside acupuncture, acupressure, moxabustion and cupping techniques and also used.

  Duration Cost
Consultation and Acupuncture 1 hour $85.00